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Typing Software Review

Why Use Typing Software?

The top performers in our review are UltraKey, the Gold Award winner; Typesy, the Silver Award winner; and Typing Instructor Platinum, the Bronze Award winner. Here's more on choosing typing software to meet your needs, along with details on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 products.

Ever since typewriters came on the scene, touch typing has become an increasingly important skill to have. In our high-tech world, it is now essential, and you must have typing skills to thrive in nearly any environment. Desktop computers are integral to both the workplace and home offices, and laptops and tablets have become as much a fixture as TVs.

Touch typing is a technique that allows you to read and type simultaneously without looking at the keyboard. It cultivates more accurate and rapid typing, which saves time, boosts your productivity and improves your efficiency.

Typing software is designed to help you learn how to type using this proven method. If you are a beginner, this type of software can teach you the basics and much more at your own pace and on your own schedule. Typing software programs help you set goals, provide progressive typing exercises that build on skills on step at a time, and then track your progress as you improve over time.

This software is available in a variety of formats and with different audiences in mind. For Mac users, a number of Mac typing software programs are available. Parents or educators teaching children to type can choose from a variety of software packages for kids.

Even if you already know how to type well, these typing applications can hone your skills so you can type faster and more accurately. Our side-by-side comparison, in-depth reviews and articles on typing software can help you find the best typing tutor application for you.

Typing Software: What We Found

We have researched and tested each of the products in our lineup. However, since it is impossible to test typing software comprehensively by going through each exercise and lesson individually, we did spot testing on the programs combined with gathered information from the manufacturer and internet research.

This gave us a good understanding of what each program consisted of so we could review and rank them all accordingly.

Learning to type shouldn't be a chore. The best typing software makes the process of learning how to type both entertaining and instructive. It keeps you updated on your progress and lets you know where you need to improve.

The best typing software effectively teaches typing with attractive graphics and engaging exercises to keep you motivated. Whether you want to learn to type faster to gain a competitive edge in the workplace or save time as a busy student, here are the key factors to look for in typing applications.

Typing Training
The most important factor to consider with typing software is the effectiveness of the training tools. The best typing software programs employ step-by-step training lessons that clearly nurture touch-typing skills each step of the way. They guide you through supplementary exercises that allow you to practice typing and acquire the skills you need at each level before moving on. Cumulative lessons tend to be the most effective, in that each lesson builds on the skills learned and practiced in previous lessons.

Typing quickly is advantageous only if you type correctly, so you should seek out typing software that focuses on both speed and accuracy. An application is even more helpful if it provides dictation practice and proper training technique. Learning correct posture and positioning while typing optimizes comfort and prevents bodily stress or typing-related injuries.

Typing games and warm-up exercises are also useful training tools to look for in typing software. These are an excellent resource for typing practice outside of structured lessons to further improve your keyboarding skills.

One of the most important things to look for in typing software is adaptive or optimized learning. This means that the software monitors your progress and customizes its lessons based on that progress. If you do not meet certain benchmarks, the application prompts you to repeat the lesson or exercise. This ensures that you are acquiring the necessary typing skills and getting the most out of each typing lesson before moving on.

Learning Tools
Beyond a typing application's core training, consider the supplementary features it offers, as these can greatly influence its overall effectiveness and usability. Many typing applications include the ability to customize the font and size of the text for more comfortable viewing and to import or create your own practice text.

You should also look for applications that offer video tutorials and a virtual keyboard. Both of these items can enhance your learning and help you better comprehend essential keyboarding concepts.

Another useful feature in typing software is a goal-setting capability. This lets you input personal typing goals, whether you want to attain a specific number of words per minute (wpm) or a higher accuracy percentage. Some applications also recommend performance goals for you based on an initial skills assessment and your current typing capabilities.

Typing software should also contain an interface that is easy to navigate and lessons that progress smoothly and methodically. This will help you seamlessly advance through each typing lesson. You should also consider how many people can use the software under a single license, especially if the software will be used communally, like in a classroom or with your whole family.

Progress Reporting
Progress tracking and reporting are crucial elements of typing software. After completing an initial skills test to pinpoint your ideal starting level, the software should track your progress as you make your way through the application. This allows you to see exactly how and where your typing improves.

The best typing test software tracks your wpm rate and typing accuracy by hand, key and finger. Such in-depth accuracy tracking enables you to pinpoint and focus on areas of weakness. Generally speaking, the more information and reporting options the typing software provides, the better, because you will have a more precise assessment of your current skill set.

Help & Support
Most typing software is fairly intuitive, but there may be times when you need additional assistance. The manufacturer should provide technical support for troubleshooting issues via email or telephone. You would be smart to seek software that offers tutorials, a user manual and an online FAQs section. These resources can help you learn more about the software and how to use it.

What Else Is Important With Typing Software?

Composing a document on a computer keyboard is much faster and more efficient than writing it longhand will ever be. It's important that you not merely learn to type, but learn the proper way to do so. Proper typing methods will go far when you take a typing test to be considered for a job. Technique is a major factor when it comes to developing speed and accuracy.

Typing software will go far in helping you develop proper technique to go along with the skills you develop with cumulative exercises, intermittent testing and progress reports. Some software even teaches proper posture and hand positioning. Look for a program that will help you develop the skills you need to give you an edge professionally and personally.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

We identified the best typing software out there. The best options we found are UltraKey, Ultimate Typing and Typing Instructor Platinum. Each of these software packages have a lot to offer in terms of training, tools and progress reporting. They scored high points for their overall usability and efficient methods in teaching you to type.

Our Gold Award winner, UltraKey, has more typing exercises than any other software package we tested and more precise progress reporting than most other packages. It has helpful typing tests that last up to five minutes to pinpoint a more accurate wpm rate.

Our Silver Award winner, Ultimate Typing, in addition to offering stellar exercises and activities, uses cloud technology so you can access it from unlimited devises. Typing Instructor Platinum and its sister product, Typing Instructor for Business, are both great values. The business version comes in a software bundle that teaches Microsoft Word skills. The Bronze Award-winning Typing Instructor Platinum has an entertaining travel theme that makes learning to type a pleasure.

These programs provide a wealth of exercises and activities that are both engaging and instructive. They allow multiple users to log in to the software and track individual progress. UltraKey and Ultimate Typing also allow you to install the software on different computers under a single license.

Each of our top programs also allows you to set goals, such as the level of accuracy you want to achieve before moving on. The applications track your progress through charts and reports of your typing accuracy by hand, key and finger, so you know exactly where you need to improve.

Learning to touch type is a valuable skill whether you are a student, professional or simply enjoy writing on your computer during your personal time. You can learn the basics of touch typing or hone the skills you already have using these applications. Touch typing allows you to save time and work more efficiently. These programs will get you headed in the right direction toward developing this important skill.